by Butch Elrod
Why the Wood Hacker? Because all the good names were taken! Then again,,, Why not? The end result is always a carving or sculpture but each piece starts with more hacking than sculpting when one is working with stumps, sticks and logs...
Butch Elrod is the Wood Hacker.
My carvings are made primarily with chainsaw while small details, like eyes and scales are often carved using traditional hand tools like gouges, knives, chisels and such. Some of my favorite subjects are wizards, dragons, bears, eagles, trolls, etc...

Browse my carving gallery to see the full range of my wood carving subjects OR use the Search option above to find a specific figure.

See my carving-process slide show of the 8 foot tall wood carving made for Menks Mobile Vet Care in Tri-Cities, WA. Slide Show Here!

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"Is there anyone who doesn't like wood? In this age of techno-humanity, our reverence for wood only deepens. Wood, with its trade-mark warmth and innocent beauty doesn't even have to try; not with all those knots, grains and glorious cracks. Yes, glorious! Cracks are at once the markers of imperfection and a welcome, random release of tension in an otherwise well-ordered reality. Cracks are justification for, and acceptance of forces we cannot control. Dodging them has led to some of this sculptor's more humbling insights on shape -- the wood all the while maintains a beguiling smugness."

Matthew Welter of Timeless Sculptures