by Butch Elrod

The Wood Hacker is
Butch Elrod

Butch Elrod is the Wood Hacker. My interest in wood carving pre-dates my first attempt by a couple of decades. When I FINALLY gave it a try, with Exacto knife in hand and nose in a How To book, it was great fun! After my first serious cut healed, I gave up my Exacto knife and bought genuine carving gouges from Cascade Carver's Supply. What a difference good tools make!

With proper carving tools in hand, it did not take long before I started looking at larger and larger pieces of wood to carve. But bigger pieces take a LOT more effort with even the best hand tools. When I tackled my first 6 foot tall piece, it became obvious that I needed to use my chainsaw. And when I started carving with my chainsaw, it became obvious that I needed professional help. In a nice way...

Large carving of a bear being roughed out with chainsaw. Enter the Spirit Brothers...
Under the tutelage of Paul Jones, I am learning to use the chainsaw for much more than cutting mere firewood. Paul looked over my shoulder and directed me, one cut at a time, through carving my first bear from a piece of cedar log. Next, a friendly Wizard emerged from a hunk of spruce.

I now carve on my own as well as occasionally display/sell my work at local events. Wildlife pieces such as bears, eagles, owls and hunting dogs are available at Wholesale Sports in Kennewick, WA.

To buy a carving or walking stick, contact me via email.

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