by Butch Elrod


For the immediate future, I will not be accepting or bidding on any new stump carving jobs.

Custom Orders

Owl carving. Carving your special design is not as much fun as it might sound. For this reason, a $1200 minimum order and 50%, non-refundable, deposit (25% to get on my calendar, 25% at the start) is due before starting any custom carving. Stump carvings and pieces personalized with your name, address, etc require a 100%, non-refundable, deposit. Delivery is generally made in under 8 weeks. Often sooner, rarely longer...


Alterations to any custom order will require an additional fee. While a design is not "set in stone", it is "set in wood" which is still pretty difficult to make bigger, longer, taller, etc. "No", I will not move the pheasant's tail up or make it longer. You can order an additional pheasant with your new idea. If you are going to be a controlling customer, I recommend that you "Carve it yourself."


As odd as it may sound, I guarantee your carving will crack. It's the nature of a log to do so as stresses are relieved and it's wise to accept that. Precautions I can take are in the selection/rejection of available wood species, cutting relief kerfs, and applying a sealant. Precautions you should take include re-applying the finish twice yearly and properly displaying your carving for maximum protection from sun and moisture.

Special Offer

Yes, the FREE NRA Membership offer does apply to custom orders and stump carving.

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